Forming a Dominican company in three days?

President Danilo Medina ordered that a company now be able to be incorporated in three days, that construction permits take no longer than 60 days and that sanitary registration be completed in 45 days. The announcements are part of the new business strategy unfolded by the National Competitiveness Council after the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report showed the Dominican Republic had slipped 12 ranks in the 2017-2018 ranking. The announcement was made after the meeting on 18 December 2017 of the expanded National Competitiveness Council big business committee President Medina convened to turn the situation around.

The Presidency reported that to reduce from 16.5 days to 3 days the incorporating of companies, the National Office of Industrial Property (Onapi), Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Hacienda and Tax Agency (DGII) together with Executive Branch advisor on competitiveness Ligia Bonetti coordinate the new procedures and present a report on advances by 18 January 2018.

To reduce the issuing of construction permits from 180 to 60 days, a roundtable was created to be coordinated by the Ministry of the Presidency and made up by the ministries of Public Works, Hacienda, Environment, Tourism, Defense, Agriculture and Public Health. Also the Santo Domingo Water Corporation (CAASD), Edes (electricity distributors), Confotur (tourism incentives agency), National Heritage Agency (Direccion Nacional de Patrimonio Monumental), DGII, Fedomu (federation of municipalities) and the National Competitiveness Council that will serve as coordinator. Participating for the private sector will be banker Luis Molina Achecar, for the tourism sector Frank Rainieri and Ligia Bonetti.

For the issuing of the sanitary registrations in 45 days by Digemaps of the Ministry of Public Health, the President ordered the creation of a follow up committee made up by the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Hacienda and National Competitiveness Council. He ordered the country follow the best practices of other countries under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to make agile the local procedures for sanitary registration. He instructed the Ministry of Public Health to strengthen the national test labs so these can make the quantitative and qualitative tests that are necessary to validate the product sanitary registrations.

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19 December 2017