Time running out to renew vehicle circulation sticker

The Tax Agency (DGII) has warned that there are less than two weeks left to renew the taxation sticker or “marbete”.The final date for the renewal is Monday, 8 January 2018. For those who do not renew by this date there is a fine of RD$1,000 in addition to the cost of the sticker. To date only 640,272 vehicles have renewed the sticker, or 50% of the 1,279,845 vehicles in circulation.

The DGII has urged everyone to renew now before the deadline and reminded the public that there are 28 banks with 1,543 outlets where the sticker can be purchased. The cost is RD$1,500 for those over five years old and RD$3,000 for those under five years old.

The DGII expects to raise RD$2.07 billion from the sale of the stickers and to date has only collected RD$1.11 billion.

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28 December 2017