Border security reinforced

The Ministry of Defense has ordered the reinforcement of security measures and border controls in an attempt to prevent the flow of contraband and the entry of illegal foreigners to the country from Haiti. The measure was announced by Defense Minister Lieutenant General Rubén D. Paulino Sem, following a meeting between the state security authorities and the Migration agency (DGM).

There will now be more members of the military at the different outposts along the border and a reinforcement of the numbers of Air Force officers together with an increase in air patrols. There will be more military vehicles on patrol as well as an increase in naval patrols in the northern and southern coasts of the Dominican Republic.

In addition, security measures and manpower will be increased at the four formal border crossings of Dajabón, Pedernales, Jimaní and Elías Piña, the roads along the border, the international highway and more than 85 informal crossings which have been identified by army intelligence. New mobile and fixed checkpoints were established to allow for the rapid detection of illegal immigrants.

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2 January 2018