Almost 30,000 university graduates in 2018

Photo: Listín Diario

The most popular careers in the Dominican Republic are in education, law, engineering, business administration and accounting. As reported in Listin Diario, in 2018, the country’s universities produced 28,328 new graduates at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Many of these graduates have already been actively seeking employment, a difficult task for graduates without job experience in the Dominican Republic.

The Listin Diario reported on 2018 graduating class totals for local universities:
UASD: 909; PUCMM: 3,128; UNIBE: 1,905; INTEC: 1,184; UFHEC: 2,293; UTE: 492: UCSD: 653; ITLA: 263; ITSC: 493.

20 December 2018

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