Highway assistance program has helped two million people

Lorenzo Mercedes, who suffered a flat tire on the Duarte Highway near Loma Miranda in Bonao, became the two millionth person to receive assistance from the Military and Police Commission (Comipol) road assistance program. The road assistance is available throughout 2,900 kms of roads nationwide and has made roads safer and has contributed to there being fewer traffic accidents. Patrols are usually less than 15 minutes away. The Ministry of Public Works program began giving road assistance in the Punta Cana area in 2012 and it has been expanded to include the main roads and highways nationwide.

The assistance teams have tire repairers, mechanics, tow trucks, ambulances and security teams stationed throughout the highway network. They also assist vehicles that run out of gasoline! Five Extraction and Rescue Teams are stationed at strategic points in case of really bad accidents.

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30 December 2019