In Nagua, of 100 PCR tests, 90 test positive

An outbreak of Covid-19 infections is affecting the staff of the Dr. Antonio Yapor Heded hospital in northeastern Nagua, Maria Trinidad Sánchez province. The hospital director, Dr. Emmanuel Oscar Pérez, expressed his alarm that out of 45 tests carried out on 20 July at the hospital, 42 came back positive (7 doctors, 18 nurses, 16 administrative employees and one lab technician). He said what most concerns him is that most of the medical staff had no symptoms. They were tested because they had had contact with people who had tested positive.

Dr. Perez said since the beginning of the pandemic they have had 57 health care workers test positive. He said the hospital is not authorized for Covid-19 patients, but people show up at the emergency room and are attended to and referred to other centers.

Another 55 persons were tested on the same day. Of these 48 came back positive.

When asked about the spike in cases in Nagua, Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas said he was not aware because the cases had not been reported in the SINAVE system.

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3 August 2020