Almost unnoticed, thousands of dengue cases this year

While all the attention is on Covid-19 virus, the Ministry of Public Health says that mosquito-borne diseases are affecting locals as usual. Through 26 September 2020, there have been 3,585 dengue cases of dengue reported and 32 deaths attributed to the disease. Dr. Ronald Skewes, epidemiology director says the numbers are 78% fewer than last year, but still more than expected. He said that symptoms for dengue are similar to Covid-19, which has led many people to not get treated in time for dengue.

Dr. Skewes says that the majority of cases for dengue and malaria have occurred in Los Tres Brazos in eastern Santo Domingo and in northern Santo Domingo. In additional to municipalities in Greater Santo Domingo, the most dengue cases are reported in Pedernales, San José de Ocoa, Nagua, Bajos de Haina, Barahona, Bonao, Esperanza, San Cristóbal and Samaná.

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25 October 2020