New PUCMM lab will test efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in DR

Dr. Mary Anne Butler, dean of the Medical School at the Pontifical Madre y Maestra Catholic University in Santo Domingo campus gave explanations to the research the just opened lab at the PUCMM is carrying out, as reported in Diario Libre. Among these: A neuropathological analysis of patients with Covid-19 to evaluate cerebral proteins’ alteration and relate this to the neuropsychological alterations in Covid-19 patients. The lab also seeks to determine the variants of the SARS-CoV-2 that are circulating in the Dominican Republic. The lab will prioritize the standardizing of PCR tests so the country is not dependent on the commercial RT-PCR diagnostic kits that are now imported. The PUCMM staff would then train other labs in the country.

The PUCMM lab is a private sector collaboration. Diario Libre explains that when the pandemic hit strong here in April 2020, the Eduardo Leon Jimenes firm contacted the PUCMM to offer their collaboration for the construction of a biomedical sciences lab. US$2 million was invested in the new Centro de Investigación de Biología Molecular Dr. Salomon Jorge, the only of its kind in the country. The lab meets international requirements for a lab with biosecurity level 3. It has the capacity to research contagious and lethal organisms.

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Diario Libre

19 February 2021