First public schools to officially reopen

Two thousand educational centers in 48 municipalities reopened for in person learning nationwide. They are located in communities where the 14-day Covid-19 positivity rate is below 5%. Schools have been closed since mid-March 2020.

Yet, President Luis Abinader expressed his satisfaction for “the speed” with which the Ministry of Education has worked to intervene in nearly 2,000 educational centers in 48 municipalities to guarantee water, sanitary services, biosecurity materials and everything necessary for the return to classroom attendance.

Abinader recognized the parents, students, and teachers for their attitude of adapting and facing adversity to maintain the educational system and so that the education of millions of children continues.

“But now it is time to take another step. A step framed within the normalization that we are already experiencing in all sectors of society,” added the President.

He pointed out that the Dominican Republic is the country with the lowest lethality rate for Covid-19 in the American continent. He spoke of local hospitals’ capacity to deal with cases and the ongoing ambitious vaccination plan.

“We must ensure that this return to school contributes to maintaining the educational process, preserving the health of our students, teachers, directors and support staff,” he said.

Education Minister Roberto Fulcar valued as positive the modality of virtual education which is being developed in the country, in the interest of not losing a school year.

Likewise, Fulcar highlighted the importance of promoting a return to the classroom while preserving the health and safety of all.

“It will be a controlled process, with rigorous follow-up day by day”, guaranteed the Minister of Education.

“This beginning of the gradual return to the classroom is taking place in adequated facilities. The schools that open today have water, electricity, class materials, a biosecurity protocol, masks for teachers, students, directors and administrative staff, alcohol gel dispensers, soap, water and cleaning products,” he emphasized.

Fulcar urged parents, teachers, guardians, students and the nation in general to take up this new challenge.

The president of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), Xiomara Guante, recognized the Abinader government’s efforts to face the educational challenge in the midst of such a huge crisis.

She also praised the government for the pace of the National Vaccination Plan. Guante highlighted the President’s solidarity with the teachers. Teachers have been given priority in the National Vaccination Plan.

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7 April 2021