Hells Angels members arrested in Puerto Plata

The Migration Agency (DGM) is preparing to deport three members of the Hells Angels gang that lived in Puerto Plata, as reported in El Dia. The report says they circulated freely carrying firearms despite not being legal residents.

El Dia says the Hells Angels gang members are Alexandre Landry, Stphane Richard [Stephen Richards?] and Urele Joseph Real Broullette [Brouillette]. Richard has an arrest order for evading justice in Canada where he faces a case for extortion. As reported, Real Broullette is charged with conspiracy for murder in Canada. The names are likely to be mispelled.

In the case of Real Broullette there is an investigation open because he acquired the Dominican nationality. The Migration Agency says they are looking into annulling the nationalization.

The Canadian government describes Hells Angels as a highly dangerous criminal gang. Intelligence and Migration officers seized firearms, cash, cell phones and Harley Davidson motorcycles in possession of the arrested.

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El Dia

13 May 2021