Can a person with e-shackles go on vacation?

Lopez Pilarte and friends / Noticias SIN

Noticias SIN is reporting on several members of the Lopez Pilarte family under preventive custody measures that were photographed on vacation in Punta Cana wearing their ankle monitors.

Esteban Perez, the lawyer of the defendants, says that the measure that requires the wearing of the electronic shackles implemented by the judge against his defendants does not prohibit them from moving from one city to another within the Dominican territory.

The Lopez Pilarte are charged with being part of an alleged network of laundering of assets derived from drug trafficking.

Noticias SIN reports that “with their electronic shackles in plain sight on their feet and with huge smiles on their faces, José Miguel and Miguel Arturo López Pilarte, to whom a judge imposed as a coercive measure an impediment to leave the country and periodic presentation, are shown in the snapshot.”

The authorities have described Miguel López Florencio (Miky) as the leader of the alleged criminal network. He was authorized by the Second Court of the Judicial District of La Vega allowed to post bail.

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23 November 2021