Victor Castro commits to remove shady business from Inabie

Inabie director, Victor Cabral. Photo: Ministry of Education

Víctor Castro, former president of the Herrera Industrial Association, took office as executive director of the National Institute of Student Assets (Inabie). President Luis Abinader named Castro to sort out the upheaval after contractors disputed many of the purchase decisions of the Inabie, a division of the Ministry of Education.

The appointment of Castro came after Education Minister had appointed a committee to reorganize the entity.

President Luis Abinader appointed Castro on 17 November 2021 to replace Cecilio Rodriguez, who was dismissed amidst allegations of irregularities in the Inabie with the school lunch tender.

After being sworn in by Education Minister Roberto Fulcar on Monday, 22 November, the new head of Inabie said the doors of his office “will be totally closed to those who try to do shady business under the shadow of public funds, no matter who they are, no matter what their political connections, nor their primary relations or the capacity of social pressure they may have,” according to a press release.

Castro was appointed three days after Fulcar had released a report of a committee he had appointed to investigate complaints made by school lunch suppliers. Furcal had admitted the committee “identified important failures in the institution that require significant changes in management and reorganization of processes both internal and related to the suppliers.”

School lunch suppliers have denounced that Inabie favored contracts with companies that did not comply with the established requirements.

The Ministry of Education under Minister Roberto Furcal has been constantly in the headlines for irregularities in public contracting.

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23 November 2021