Export free zone employment at record levels

The National Council of Export Free Zones (CNZFE) reports that direct jobs in free zone manufacturing companies are now at 180,252, up 8.4% compared to the level for 2020. The number of jobs is a 17-year record. Since 2004, direct jobs in the free zone manufacturing zone had been less than 180,000.

The executive director of the CNZFE, Daniel Liranzo said that during the current year the free zones have been one of the most dynamic sectors of the Dominican economy. The sector now employs more people than in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

A CNZFE press release highlights that the categories employing the most are:
Tobacco and By-Products: 38,71; Apparel and Textiles: 33,914; Services: 32,945; Medical and Pharmaceutical Products: 28,651; Electrical and Electronic Products: 10,758

The free zone jobs are located:
Northern Region 67,851 (37.6%); National District and Santo Domingo province 57,796 (32.1%); Southern Region 31,048 (17.2%); Eastern Region 23,563 (13.1%)

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3 December 2021