President Abinader makes another call to help Haiti

With the backing of 30 political parties, including the majority political parties, President Luis Abinader announced at the Presidential Palace a joint effort to promote actions to help the country adequately manage the impact of the Haitian political, social, economic and health crisis in the country. President Luis Abinader in issuing a statement calling for international help for Haiti had the support of the leading opposition political parties, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the People’s Force (FP), among others.

The meeting was held after the National Health Service (SNS) circulated a report that indicates that 30.5% of the birds registered in public hospitals of the Dominican Republic in 2021 the mother was of Haitian nationality. In 2021, 35,662 Haitian women gave birth in the Dominican Republic, increasing 17.6% compared to 2020. The Haitian women come for the free or low cost of deliveries here. In Haiti, the health system has collapsed, but the situation is the normal of many years past.

Despite the enhancing of border patrols, the smuggling of pregnant women for birthing tourism here continues on the rise given the pressing needs of the Haitian population. The Haitian government has rejected the proposal to install a public hospital to attend to the birthing needs in Haiti. The hospital would be funded by international donations and staffed by Dominican physicians.

The meeting also came after the expiration of the three-month grace period the Ministry of Interior & Police had announced for farms and construction firms, and other companies that employ foreigners beyond the Migration Law ceiling to regularize their workers. The Dominican migration law establishes that companies can only employ 20% of foreign workforce.

Abinader stated that this is a new call to the international community so that it can help in this serious problem.

“It is no longer only Haiti’s, nor the Dominican Republic’s, but a problem in terms of migration and security that is affecting the entire region,” warned the head of state.

The President was accompanied by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ignacio Paliza; the administrative vice-minister of Government Relations Society, Andrés Lugo Risk and the legal consultant of the Executive Power, Antoliano Peralta. Paliza, who is also president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), read the document.

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14 January 2022