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Daily News - 14 January 2002

President Hipolito Mejia comments on judges
President Hipolito Mejia says he does not favor Supreme Court justices remaining in their posts for life. Several senators had said last week that they favor setting a time limit for Supreme Court judges’s terms. In the 1994 reform, the judges were elected without a term limit or retirement age. President Mejia told the media over the weekend, “Particularly, I believe the judges shouldn’t be in for eternity.” 
Congressmen spoke up in favor of setting a time limit after the Supreme Court revoked Congress’s decision to reform the constitution to allow for consecutive presidential re-election and an extension of congressmen’s terms. 
President Mejia also explained over the weekend why he chose Jaime Marte Martinez as new chief of police: “The police wanted a policeman as the head of their institution, they did not want a soldier, they wanted a policeman who could understand them and had lived their reality and I tuned in to that desire.”
The President also said that he reached an agreement with Hatuey de Camps, president of the PRD, to hold two party conventions. In one, the party members would chose 70% of the municipal and congressional candidates for the 16 May elections. (The political committee of the party would choose the remaining 30%.) In another convention, the secretary general and directors of the party would be selected. 
President Mejia also said that after meeting with former President Balaguer, leader of the PRSC party, he sees a PRD/PRSC alliance in some provinces as possible. “I told doctor Balaguer that when the PRD resolves its affairs, we would sit down to discuss these possibilities,” said Mejia.

What happened to the Paquetazo Social?
The government welfare program that would give mothers of school-age children RD$300 a month only lasted one month. Vice President Milagros Ortiz Bosch handed out the first checks to 50 mothers in El Maimón, Yamasa in October. But Diario Libre reports that after that first check, mothers have not received any more. The program was supposed to benefit 300,000 mothers in 12 provinces. News commentators say that the program was most likely stopped to prevent corruption because the mechanisms for distributing the money were not well coordinated. 
“They have not brought anything else, and they always say the checks are coming, but nothing arrives,” Juliana Severino told Diario Libre. Severino appeared in the government’s propaganda ads announcing the welfare program in October. 
“If President Hipolito knew that he wasn’t going to be able to come through, it would have been better that he hadn’t given us anything, instead of getting us enthused,” she told the newspaper. 

School age illiteracy
El Caribe newspaper reports that the National Children’s Work Poll (Enti 2000) shows that 455,500 minors aged 5 - 17 can’t read or write. This represents 18.6% of all children and teenagers in the DR. The survey showed that there are almost as many illiterate boys (49.7%) as girls (50.3%). The 5 – 9 age group has the highest illiteracy rate (41.8%). The next highest group is the 10 - 13 year olds, at 32%.

Cibao airport opening now set for March
Diario Libre reports that international flights will begin at the new Cibao International Airport in the central region on 15 March. Santiago is now served by the Santiago International Airport, located in the center of the city.
Victor Suarez, director of the new Cibao Airport, said that Northwest and American Eagle will be the first airlines to use the terminal with flights from Puerto Rico, Miami and New York. He said American Airlines executives will be in Santiago this week to discuss the start of flights. He added that the road that links the new airport with the Duarte Highway will be ready in April. 

More Casandra Awards nominees
The complete list of nominees of Dominican show business’s night of stars, the Casandra Awards, was announced on Sunday. Fifty-two jurors, members of the Dominican Association of Show Business Chroniclers (Acroarte), chose the nominees. The winner of the top award, El Soberano, is yet to be announced as are several special awards and tributes set for the grand gala evening of 12 February at the National Theater.

The nominees are:

Classics & Theater: 

Best Actor of the Year: Wady Jaquez, Carlos Espinal, Salvador Perez Martinez, Angel Hache, Franklin Dominguez

Best Actress of the Year: Elvira Taveras, Yanela Hernandez, Olga Bucarelly, Elizabeth Ovalle, Niurka Mota

Best Theater Director: Ivan Garcia, Elvira Taveras, Maria Castillo Wady Jaquez, Jaime Lucero

Best Drama Production: Pargo, LaMano, La Misiva de Povosky, Cuentos del Callejon de la Yaya

Best Children's Play: El Flautista de Hamelin, Fiesta de Navidad, La Rebellion de los Titeres (Elvira Taveras)

Dance, Music and Shows: 

Best Classical Ballerina: Lisbell Piedra, Sylvia Crespo

Best Classical/Modern Dancer: Armando Gonzalez, Elvis Guzman

Best Classical/Modern Choreographer: Carlos Veitia

Best Classical/Modern Performance: Rigoletto, Cascanueces, Saturday Night Fever

Best Popular Show Choreographer: Isadora Bruno, Julio Gomez, Chiqui Haddad, Miguel Fuentes, Patricia Ascuasiati

Best Folklore Ballet: Ballet de la UASD, Ballet Folklorico Nacional, Ballet del Centro Cultural de Santiago

Best Classical Vocal: Francisco Casanova, Juan Cuevas Fausto Cepeda, Marianela Sanchez

Most Outstanding Dominican Artist Abroad: Jose Antonio Molina, Francisco Casanova, Eddy Herrera, Chichi Peralta, Los Ilegales

Best Orchestra: Sergio Vargas, Eddy Herrera, Los Hermanos Rosario, Los Toros Band, Toño Rosario

Best Orchestration and Musical Arranger: Henry Hierro, Amaury Sanchez, Manuel Tejada, Jose Antonio Molina, Juan Valdez

Best Songwriter: Vladimir Dotel (Tu Recuerdo), Angelito Villalona (No me digas que te vas), Hector Peña (Llora alma mia), Felix Mirabal (De punta a punta), Alejandro Montero (Eres ajena)

Best Music CD: Atrevido (Eddy Herrera), Impecables (Parada Joven), Pa la calle (Los Toros Band), Volando alto (Rubby Perez), On Time (Los Ilegales)

Best Merengue: Pero madre (Raffy Matias), Porque no estas (Rubby Perez), Vete y dile (Sergio Vargas), No me digas que te vas (Angelito Villalona)

Best Concert: La voz del corazon (Frank Ceara), Sin limites (Marcel), Encendio (Toño Rosario), Bachata de gala (Frank Reyes)

Best Show: La magia del Mayimbe (Fernando Villalona), Mas Milly (Milly Quezada), Quince años despues (Sergio Vargas)

New Artist of the Year: Tony Rodriguez, Pavel Nuñez, Mamajuana

Best Female Vocal: Xiomara Fortuna, Patricia Pereyra, Milly Quezada, Marcel

Best Male Vocal: Eddy Herrera, Sergio Vargas, Anthony Rios, Frank Ceara, Hector Acosta

Best Bachata Performer: Raulin Rodriguez, Anthony Santos, Zacarias Ferreiras, Frank Reyes, Yoskar Sarante

Best Music Group: 

Best Grassroots Music Group: Agapito Pascual, El Prodigio, Jose El Calvo, El Cieguito de Nagua, Fefita La Grande

Television & Radio: 

Best Investigative Journalism or Special Program: Nuria, Somos asi, asi somos, Ser Humano, Erase una vez en el Cine, Telestrellas

Best Daily Variety TV program: Ustedes y Nosotros, El Show del Mediodia, Todos Juntos, Con Freddy y Milagros

Best Weekly Variety TV Program: El Gordo de la Semana, Divertido con Jochy, Sabado de Corporan, 9 x 9 Roberto

Best Variety Show: En Antena con Jatnna, Esta Noche Mariasela, Hola Gente

Best Children's TV program: Sabado Chiquito de Corporan, Aldea Magica, Vivan los Niños

Best Comedy Program: De Remate, Gozalo con Carlos Alfredo, Tirimundati

Best Comedian: Willia Diaz, Raymond Pozo, Miguel Cespedes, Lumy Lizardo, Rafael Alduey

Best Commentator: Miguel Susana, Jesus Nova, Jose Bejaran, Manuel Segura, Eduardo Santana

Best Presenter: Jochy Santos, Frederic Martinez, Henry Brito, Marina Frias, Ivonne Beras Goico

Best TV Special: Operacion Hispaniola, En el mismo trayecto del sol, El Profesor Eterno, Derrumbe Torres Gemelas

Best Music Video: Tu recuerdo (Juan Basanta-Los Ilegales), Ajena (Miguel Vasquez-Eddy Herrera), Quiero (Juan Basanta-Jerry Rivera), Quisiera (Juan Basanta-Juan Luis Guerra), Morir de amor (Raul Camilo-Tele Edicion-Frank Ceara)

Aguilas vs. Estrellas in the baseball finals?
The finals of the 2001-2002 Dominican Winter Professional Baseball Championship could be played in Santiago and San Pedro de Macoris this year. So far the favorites, Aguilas Cibaeñas and the Estrellas Orientales, look like they will keep the finals out of the Santo Domingo stadium. The Aguilas lead 8-2, followed by the Estrellas 6-4. For standings and the next scheduled games, see the Baseball Page
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