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The Ministry of Public Health reports that the province of La Altagracia could soon qualify to be curfew free. La Altagracia is where Punta Cana, the largest vacation destination of the Caribbean is located. The Abinader administration has announced that provinces where 70% of the population is vaccinated with a second dose could be relieved from opening hour restrictions.

In La Altagracia, 68.5% of the population has received the two doses of Covid-19 vaccine. In La Altagracia, the main employers are hotel and tourism companies where management has created the conditions for staff to be promptly vaccinated.

Other tourism destinations need to speed up vaccination drives. Puerto Plata is showing 50.6% of its 18+ population vaccinated with two doses and 54.9% with the first dose.; Santo Domingo has 49.1% with 64.9% of the population having a first dose. La Romana is...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.