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It was a good week for Abinader and it was a bad one, too. The Dominican Republic received a visit from the International Monetary Fund last week, and President Luis Abinader basked in the fairly rosy feedback from the agency that oversees the economies of most of the world.

In essence, the IMF told the governor of the Central Bank and President Abinader that they had an optimistic outlook regarding the economic recovery from the depths of the pandemic. The Covid-19 outbreak skewered Dominican tourism, but recent gains and even increases in bookings seem to indicate that the sector has pretty much fully recovered, or at least come back to a very positive level of occupancy.

Of course, the events in eastern Europe have had an effect, but renewed efforts in other markets have apparently been filling the spots vacated by the lack of Russian and Ukrainian tourists...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.