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While Dominicans saw their budgets dwindling due to rising inflation, the financial officials of the Abinader administration benefitted from significant wage increases. What is most shocking, though, is that the wages were already very high and are already in violation of Dominiccan law.

Dominican law establishes that it is illegal to make more than the President of the Republic. The President’s wage is RD$450,000. But wages in the government financial sector, are much higher than that.

El Dia lists several cases of wage increases in its report on 2 August 2022, mentioning the wages at the Central Bank that were relatively low. The Central Bank Governor’s wage increased RD$61,500 to RD$1,605,400 a month; the deputy governor’s wage went from RD$1,440,030 to RD$1,497,635 a month.

El Dia reports on the wage increases at the Superintendency of Pensions. The...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.