Big pay raises for the government employees making big bucks

While Dominicans saw their budgets dwindling due to rising inflation, the financial officials of the Abinader administration benefitted from significant wage increases. What is most shocking, though, is that the wages were already very high and are already in violation of Dominiccan law.

Dominican law establishes that it is illegal to make more than the President of the Republic. The President’s wage is RD$450,000. But wages in the government financial sector, are much higher than that.

El Dia lists several cases of wage increases in its report on 2 August 2022, mentioning the wages at the Central Bank that were relatively low. The Central Bank Governor’s wage increased RD$61,500 to RD$1,605,400 a month; the deputy governor’s wage went from RD$1,440,030 to RD$1,497,635 a month.

El Dia reports on the wage increases at the Superintendency of Pensions. The Superintendent received a wage increase from RD$671,550 to RD$738,705.

Somos Pueblo revealed that the wage of the director of Infotep, the vocational training institute, increased from RD$484,484 to RD$691,670. The deputy director at Infotep increased from RD$372,680 to RD$514,290. All the managers were promoted to directors and their wages increased from RD$151,728 to RD$271,250, an those making RD$223,600 were promoted to make RD$325,500.

Somos Pueblo reports that the same positions in the United States earn less there than in the Dominican Republic. For instance, he mentions that the Superintendence of Banks makes more than the US Secretary of the Treasury. The US$221,400 is the wage in the US. Somos Pueblo multiplied that by RD$55 and says the same position here makes more.

These wages do not include the extras and perks that are added on. Somos Pueblo calls for the standardizing of wages by levels as in the United States.

In a front page editorial, El Nuevo Diario newspaper editor, Persio Maldonado says the excessive wage increases paid to high ranking government officers are “irritating.”

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3 August 2022