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The Public Procurement Agency (DGCP) has submitted a bill to Congress for amendments to its law. Nevertheless, the bill has stagnated in the National Congress, despite the ruling party, the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), being majority in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Likewise, the DGCP said the past authorities did not give them access to the source code to make changes to the DGCP transactional portal.

Now, the Abinader administration announced on 23 May 2023 new technological tools for the DGCP_ that seek to improve transparency, reliability and operability in managing government procurement and contracts.

President Luis Abinader on 23 May 2023 stated during the official launch of the new tools: “Today we present three solutions of the Innovation Factory, tools that will undoubtedly, improve our management, but also bet on something more than that. The principles that govern it are collective intelligence, interdisciplinarity and user design thinking,”...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.