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President Luis Abinader returned promptly from his trip to Washington D.C. to receive a leadership award and participate in the 54th Meeting of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas to go direct to the Presidential Palace for a meeting on government actions now that the country has been under intense rains for weeks. There has been major flooding in cities and damages to farms and road infrastructure. Several troughs have brought intense rains in April and May.

Diario Libre reported that the meeting convened at the Presidential Palace gathered Defense Minister Carlos Diaz Morfa; Civil Defense director Juan Sala; ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos; Public Works, Deligne Ascención; Public Health Víctor Atallah; Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte; the directors of the Santo Domingo Water Corporation (Caasd), Fellito Suberví; the director of the National Institute of...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.