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The Permanent Attention Office of the National District ordered Francelys Maria Furcal Rodriguez to await her trial for the murder of Chinese merchant Zongxin Chen in Najayo Jail. She was served a three-month preventive custody order by the National District court.

The Public Ministry accuses Furcal Rodriguez of voluntary manslaughter and use of a false passport – crimes covered in articles 295, 304, 153 and 154 of the Dominican Penal Code.

She is also accused of violating articles 83 and 86 of Law 631-16 on the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition and Related Materials.

She is known to have killed her boss, the Chinese national, of a knife stab in the abdomen. A surveillance video shows she immediately sought help for the victim and then fled.

The judiciary established that the next day, trying to evade Dominican justice and using fraudulent maneuvers, the accused...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.