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A story in Hoy by medical reporter Altagracia Ortiz reveals that almost 70% of Dominicans would seek the Covid-19 vaccine once it becomes available next year. The Dominican government has contracted for 10 million doses (two doses per person) with the University of Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine.

The Dominican Vaccinology Society (SDV) and the Yunen Group carried out the survey 1-4 October 2020 to determine the local perception and willingness to be vaccinated. The findings are that 68% of the Dominican population is willing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. A random national sample of 12,000 adults was contacted via instant messaging for the survey.

Only 29% of the respondents said they would not get a Covid-19 vaccine and 3% had no opinion, according to the results of the survey that was completed in November and has just been released.

Likewise, 22% of the people...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.