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    President Abinader announces actions to benefit expats in New York

    A Dominican bank in the USA is a game changer.
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border
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    Who was looking for the plastic strip hanging curtains?

    AKA Vertical Blinds?
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    It’s official: Delta is here

    No, two separate variants.
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border
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    It’s official: Delta is here

    It’s in DR. There’s a separate thread about it.
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    Haitian migrants reel off their misery in the hard journey to the US Natalia CANO Tapachula, Mexico | AFP Thousands of kilometers of road, whole days through mountains and jungles, assaults, shipwrecks. On their way to the United States, fleeing poverty, Haitian migrants...
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    Haiti expresses concern for its citizens on the US-Mexico border. EFE Port au Prince The Government of Haiti expressed its concern this Sunday about the "difficult" situation of thousands of its citizens in a makeshift camp under the Del Rio international bridge, on the...
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    I agree it’s a very fine line. Most responding get it. As long as it’s referring to Haitian immigration, I’m okay with it. What I didn’t want was going off on tangents about Biden’s policies/general USA immigration, etc.
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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    Following the hurricane and earthquake, many Haitians headed for the USA border. They’ve arrived, but they’re being sent back. please keep all responses Haiti related and no USA politics...
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    Do you think the heavy handed moderation on this board and particulary this North Coast section is stifiling participation?

    Okay, mod bashing is over. If you think you can do a better job and want to volunteer hours every day, drop me a message.
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    Movers and Shakers - Who Are The Big Fish In Dominican Society

    Maybe they’re in the News thread the discussion began in?
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    Hey everyone! Nice to see some familiar names still here....

    Welcome back. I can merge your old ID with this one if you’d like, it’s still active. You’re one of the originals. 🥰
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    Dengue - It's back

    The locals have a folk remedy drink, we tried it when he was sick. Guava juice blended with red bell peppers. I think there was something else added. To this day, he thinks that’s what helped him.