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    Entry and departure forms to be digital as of 1 April 2021

    The only form I found was for arriving in the Dominican Republic. If there is a different one for leaving, I didn't see it. Not every question applies to leaving, but they want you to answer them. What is everyone doing about that?
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    Transport from SDQ

    I have a great English speaking taxi driver with plenty of room for 5. If you PM me I'll send you his info
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    New entry procedures

    Any chance you could post the link for that
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Saw a study on Colchicine that looked promising. anyone tried that or know about it.
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    Last year I thought they changed it to 120 days, no problem. You still have to pay the extra fee.
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    Wire Transfers becoming problematic

    I didn't go thru all the posts to see if this has been mentioned. But I have used to transfer money from the US to here.
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    Wire Transfer from DR to USA Fees

    Try for sending money
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    Infectologists fear new spike in cases due to coming long weekend

    Our condominium complex has been overrun with people since Friday. Once they get to the pool or beach there's not a mask in sight. Huge groups of people everywhere. If this is an indication of other complexes & resorts, there will definitely be an increase in cases.
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    Taxi driver that speaks english in LA ROMANA

    I know a fabulous one in Boca Chica. Not sure what you need. Is it a one time deal. I'd be glad to share his info if you think he could help you. We've used him the past 3 years when we come for the winter. Very clean, honest, etc
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    I'm a snowbird, who overstays every year & pays the extra fee because I've been told that is the only way to handle it. I would gladly do something else & would pay for insurance when I entered, depending on what it offered. We're US & buy travel insurance every year in case of emergency. All...
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    Travel out of DR

    We left Santo Domingo Thurs. They checked temperatures as we entered the airport. Flew American Airlines. Not many people in line. We got there well over 2 1/2 hours early & thank god for that. The people working the counter were slow, like they had never done the job before. Same with...
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    Dr. Amado Alejandro Baez: Focus needs to return to fighting Covid-19 spread

    I think the US is doing it's best to show them wrong. At the rate some of the states are going, They're working hard to get there. ( I mean this in a sarcastic manner, btw)
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    DR reopens to tourism

    I hate to sound dumb, but who is "us"
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    DR reopens to tourism

    And how does one go about getting that. Thinking of next winter. Also there are a lot of Canadians who won't come if their health insurance doesn't cover them. That may put them at ease
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    DR reopens to tourism

    As snowbirds, Most Canadians buy travel insurance. I'm US & I buy travel insurance. And most of us buy it for the medical coverage.