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    ATMs Open

    Is ATM Punta cana village open? The Scotia Bank one? Any ATMs in PCV area? All Blue Mall ones of course closed. By the way Meemselle re closed thread on my brilliant friend. Of course I read each book.
  2. J brilliant friend

    Can’t believe cap cana broadcast the long awaited My Brilliant Friend with no subtitles. Is this incompetence or what? This was produced with subtitles even in Italy as the original dialect is Napolitano. With all the aggravation of the world situation, we were waiting fir return of this...
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    Scam sanitizers to confuse you and steal?

    Something being said of crooks handing out free gel sanitizers which cause dizziness so you are then robbed? Didn’t I hear something like this before? More false news?
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    Supermercado Bravo

    Who is the owner or owners of Bravo. A grupo or one person (family). Is it a franchise?
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    Everything horribly sweet aroma

    I really hope someone can give hope: every single non food latino product that I buy here has a sickening perfume (not good). Tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, something my mechanic stuck in my car which now smells like a fkn bathroom deodorizer. Bought boxes of tissues, Kleenex at...
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    Easter dinner suggestions/recipes?

    Hi. What could be a typical easter "main course" suggestion. Thanks in advance. Jeb
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    Update..Brangus at Nacional

    Terrible for anyone who wants "real beef". Unfortunately for me, I just plain ole forgot to ask for Angus hamburger meat, at the butcher counter the other day. There was some ground meat in a compartment which used to be angus area. (Btw) not much meat at that time. Anyway as I wrote I just...
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    Game of Thrones

    Hi. Feeling anxious😧 Can anyone tell me if Game of Thrones is broadcast in English here? Just arrived back yesterday and realize GOT back on April 14. I know if it is broadcast in Spanish. I just will not be able to watch (so I tell myself). Do I need to go back home to watch this last...
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    Update please..Organic Market?

    Hi. Is the bimonthly organic market still ongoing in PCV on Saturdays? Is fish still being sold? Thanks for any info. Jeb
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    Blue Mall ... Nacional

    Just wondering... Does anyone know Whether Nacional has made any moves to build yet at Blue Mall?
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    Is there a "flu" going around DR?
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    La Sirena

    Can someone pls advise if there is a La Sirena in San Juan Plaza?
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    Pranama restaurant

    My friend was in Los Corales and mentioned that Pranama looked boarded up and closed. We know they open for dinner but is it still at original location?
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    Grandkids visiting and asking about Macao.  Can anyone give me sort of a rundown on how it looks these days and whether worth a days outing. Last time we drove down (about a year ago) roads clogged with ATVs and Russians.
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    Cisneros and Miches

    Is Senor Cisneros project Four Seasons/Tropicalia still ongoing? Things seem pretty quiet.