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    Anciano gringo 1 - Ladrone muchacho 0

    Hahaha. You are probably good to travel that same route for some time now, the ladron probably passed the word around that that particular gringo anciano ain't having none of it !! Jokes aside, not a nice situation to be in 🥺.
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    Intrant soon to start pilot program for automated traffic fines

    France 30 years ago vs France today. It took only one administration taking a tough stance on traffic violations to go from " crazy agressive driving " to " normal behaviour on the road ". No reason why it can't work here...... If they give themselves the means.
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    70.1% of the Dominican population is overweight or obese and 32% have hypertension

    I would say the amount of food is more the problem than the quality of food---- though all that fried stuff doesn't help much. Not only do Dominicans seem to NEED to eat at least 3 times a day, but the helpings are huge ----- and variety is scarce. In my case activity is the key to keeping fit...
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    Temporary Residency Renewal in Puerto Plata

    I have always paid " in person " at DGM and at JCE. At DGM, you hand over your documents on the bunch of windows on the right hand side, than a few minutes later they call you over to one of the 4 windows on the left hand side..... where you pay your due.
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    American Locked Up In CCR-17

    No, that sounds far too much.
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    Government will insist that all are vaccinated

    At the very least this thread has scientifically proved ( dr1 protocols, mind you ), that rum + heat + too much time on hand + internet connection = ridiculous statements .
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    Trip to the Dominican Republic turns into a vacation from hell: ‘We’ve lost everything’

    Seems our home-grown dr1 detectives were wrong again.
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    " The End of the AirCocaine " saga.
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    Crypto Mining

    Ledgers were not hacked. Your crypto is still safe on a ledger ( well the access route to your crypto on the Blockchain ). However Ledger--- the company--- suffered a hack and the emails and addresses of people who bought a ledger off them were leaked. Resulted lots of phisging attempts. That...
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    Crypto Mining

    Maybe my reading skills are not up to it, but it would seem to me the hackers got into regular commercial servers and asked for the ransom to be paid in crypto. I wouldn't worry to much. The day the BTC Blockchain is compromised, it will be plastered all over the news and BTC value will go to...
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    Trip to the Dominican Republic turns into a vacation from hell: ‘We’ve lost everything’

    Years ago I was pulled over by some " special" police in Santiago. Long story short I drove on a few kms to stop in front of a national supermarket--- well told insistently by my wife -----. and the guys were clearly suspicious characters and were going to find drugs in my SUV--- pulled out...
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    Crypto Mining

    Instructions unclear. I ll just continue stacking those sats 😉. I think the 50 DMA will keep rejecting us for a couple of weeks.
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    Crypto Mining

    Citadel ?
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    Crypto Mining

    Well, yeah. But they could just as well be working on how to hack central banks, hedge funds and stock exchanges......
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    Crypto Mining

    Well yes and no. Most stock is not nominative, so it is lent out, borrowed, etc.... multiple times, even though you supposedly own it. As for hacks on crypto, do they happen ? Yes very often. But you would be hard pressed to find a "blue chip" crypto that has been hacked. BTC has a trillion $...