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    Port-au-Prince Makes It to Most Dangerous Cities in Latin America List

    It's the only one not on the continent. So many others far excede San Juan.
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    AirBnB Prohibits Parties Permanently

    Interesting comments here ... personally I'd rather not see a scene from 'Animal House' in the building next to me.
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    Thinking about flying?

    Water never hurt anyone ... it's all that hard stuff around the edges.
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    The 2022 Capacity to Combat Corruption Index

    Huh, I'd be interested to see a world report like that.
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    Red Air crash landing at Miami International

    There are lots of reasons tro retire an airliner. Mostly the number of pressure cycles it has climbing to altitude and returning. Still a 28 year old plane sitting for 3 years in N.M. desert (for 31 total) never should have been in the air. Maintainance anyone? Remember Adam air? [Phillipines]...
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    Am I naive...

    Most of the time, maybe.
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    Florida: Haiti’s Special Olympics team mysteriously vanishes, leaves behind all luggage

    Interesting statement, I imagine that there's about a billion people in the world that dream of doing just that. It just doesn't work out that way.
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    Sailboat Friendly Places

    Zar Par is my choice also. Remember it's a long beat to windward though. US coasties tend to hang around 'tween Haiti and Cuba.
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    I got a try of that from a friend too. Good stuff. Any comments about Pussers? Or Mount Gay?
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    Am I naive...

    That sounds a lot like a coach. And yeah, her kid liked me more than she did after a while.
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    Another dead American. Buyer beware.

    I wish there were more emogies. Can't find one suitable for the occaision.
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    Another dead American. Buyer beware.

    3M 5200, it's not just for bathtubs anymore.
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    Another dead American. Buyer beware.

    yes, the $$$$
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    Am I naive...

    How could I have been so forgetful? So it's Gold, Silver, Bronze. And you get lead. p.s. tried it once for a short time. NEVER again.
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    Am I naive...

    I can understand the fixation on the younger woman .... but would it not be better to seek a cougar whose kids are grown and gone? Look at it this was, if those aren't your kids, you'll always be in second place in her heart. Good luck