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    Find lawyer Guzman in the Legal channel here. Well worth the piece of mind. I wouldn't trust anyone else
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    Your Favorite Fruit in the D.R.

    All fruit is delicious here, one of the perks of living here. Off topic so you can ignore it LOL Curious though, many supermarkets are selling fresh turmeric/curcumin how is it used in dominican dishes?
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    Buying a motorbike

    This is only place we found so wondered if there were other places. They only have 1 Apache left with next delivery in May. Thanks for the info!
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    Buying a motorbike

    Looking to buy an Apache 180 in Santiago. Where are the best deals?
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    How to bee in the news
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    Send a fax

    Can't email unfortunately. Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Send a fax

    Hola, I need to send a fax in Santiago. The printers on 27th Feb opposite Plaza Llama doesn't offer the service.
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    Price Smart Santiago

    You're welcome. No harm in asking at the door if you can look around. They know that you have to have membership before you purchase.
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    Price Smart Santiago

    No guest passes. They are quite strict about the membership cards. They used to allow you to walk around if you don't have membership yet then if you decide to purchase you sign up then.
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    UFO sighting in Luperon??
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    B+ blood needed

    How can I donate blood in Santiago?
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Shopping in supermercado Don Lindo, Santiago, Carr Duarte
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    Progreso and ScotiaBank

    I used to be able to withdraw $30k with 150 pesos fee here in Santiago. Since the merger my max is 10k, not happy.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

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    Dress in black

    I have noticed a few locals living in my street dressed totally in black for the last couple of days. Is there a cultural tradition that requires this attire?