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    Moving sale in Santiago

    Fellow members, We will have a moving sale on the 28th of May. There are many items for sale, please check out the Advertisement section of the site. Thank you! The Hun
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    iphone 4g

    Enjoy it! EVO 4G Salesman Confronts An iPhone 4 Shopper | The Hun
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    Magicjack in Santiago?

    I just wonder if magicjacks are sold in Santiago? Let me know, please. Thanks The Hun
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    Appliance Technician

    Fellow Members, I'm looking for a reliable appliance tech in Santiago. I've a Maytag dryer which suddenly stopped working. Help please! Thanks! The Hun
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    Looking for a 2.5-4Kw generator in Santiago

    Fellow Members, I'm looking for a 2.5 - 4 Kw generator, possible Honda or Yamaha, new or used in good condition. I don't need any Chinese brand, but that's what I have seen so far. Thanks, The Hun
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    ATV owners in Santiago

    I just wonder if anyone owns / rides ATVs in Santiago. I'd like to team up with few other guys/gals who likes to ride. There are some beautiful landscape around Santiago and I'd like to know more trails and more people in the ATV community. The Hun
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    A huge explosion in Santiago

    There was a huge explosion in Santiago around 8:42. It seems to come from the Gurabo area, and lighten up the area almost to daylight. I live in Villa Maria, near the HOMS, but the windows where shaking badly. Anyone knows what the hell happened? :surprised The Hun
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    Need help with transportation.

    Fellow Members, I have a friend here who needs to get from Santiago to Punta Cana airport on Saturday by 11:00 AM. I was going to take him there, but now I have some family emergency and I wondered if anyone might need to go there on the same day and have an extra seat. I tried Metro and Caribe...
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    Dent Wizard or similar in the DR

    Fellow Members, Does anyone knows - perhaps used a similar service to what Dent Wizard offers in the US? It's a dent removal on a vehicle whenever the paint is not damaged. The technology was developed in Germany - financed by insurance companies - to repair hail damage with a non-expensive...
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    Need an apartment / studio in Santiago

    Fellow Members, I'm posting this for a friend, who does not speak English. He is moving to Santiago and looking for a small apartment (it can be a studio) for a single person. Furnished preferred, but not necessary. He isn't a tourist, he lives and works here so his budget for the apartment is...
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    Need a commercial place for a repair shop

    Fello DR1 Members, I'm closing/moving my shop due to few legal problems with the owner of the property. Anyway, I'm looking for a commercial place for a repair shop in Santiago or I might consider the north coast- since I have many clients from there . I need about 300 - 350 m2 of enclosed...
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    Wow! Ready for gulash??

    Fellow Members, :bunny: :bunny: I'd like to share my experience with a new Hungarian Restaurant in Sosua. It's a fairly new establishment - abouth a month old. They have of course the most typical hungarian plates, like Gulash, Paprikash, Stew, Hortobagyi stuffed crepes, roast, etc.. The food...
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    For those who plan to buy a car

    Fello DR1 members, I have almost a month more left on my account. If you plan to buy a car that was imported from the US I'll be glad to run a check on it for free. I recently had a customer of mine who where going to buy a nice 2005 Volvo with only 31000 miles in it. When I run a...
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    Low price DIY solar panels?

    I just find this. Did anyone try this with good results? Power 4 Home It would be great if someone could back this up with experience. The Hun
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    Where to find amber?

    Fellow DR1 members, I did not know which forum would be the right one to post this question. Where one could find quality, unmounted amber in a mass production on the lowest price? My friend who's expert on jewelry and suppliers is on vacation in EU and I can't seem to reach her. Any info...