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    dean at columbia

    Our dear hermano dominicano Feniosky makes news in academia as new dean of engineering at Columbia University: Feniosky Pe?a-Mora named SEAS dean | Columbia Spectator A graduate of UNPHU in Santo Domnigo as well as postgraduate doctoral work at MIT where he was one of the youngest professors...
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    Chana, featured in music site

    :cool:Greetings Friendly Community! A new artist, Chana, is allegedly of Dominican origin. The iTunes site (please see excerpt below) has one of her singles as a FREE download. It is far from any of the traditional Dominican sounds. Belongs on Latin-Alternative category, as far as categorizing...
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    What would Betances say?

    Hi all, Things have changed quite a bit since the mid and late 1800?s but I?m interested in the opinions that DR1 History buffs have regarding the historical significance and relevance of Dr. Ram?n Emeterio Betances. He was the one with the idea of a formal alliance among the free creole...
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    1st semester spanish romantic ballad

    :surprised no language barriers exist for true love ... comprende?.. YouTube - One Semester of Spanish - Love Song :cheeky:
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    fyi DR consular fees increase in the USA

    The Miami consulate thread elsewhere in the forum has reminded me to alert others about new fees. Less than 2 months ago I had to obtain consular legalization of some paperwork. The fee was indeed posted at the time on the DR Consulate in Washington, DC website. The fees were of a whooping...
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    Dominican for MD Attorney General - Tordok
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    Dominicans in Puerto Rico

    I just visited Puerto Rico for few days and would like to briefly mention about the impact of Dominicans on that island. Its a mixed bag. I was not on research-mode, but it is impossible to miss the omnipresence of Quisqueyanos driving cabs, as fast-food workers and other blue-collar roles. I...
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    Is there a GREEN Party in the DR?

    .....and I don't mean a fiesta on the golf course.:lick: The large parties, PRD/PLD/PRSC, are saturated with corrupt cliques and don't seem to have any coherent plans for dealing with the nation's problems. It would seem that the few politicians within their ranks that are honest and have the...
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    Hey folks, is anyone aware of how to avail oneself of good Dominican and/or Dominican-American oriented movies and documentaries? Spanish or English language. Lat year I saw on video thre drama "Washington Heights" and was highly disspappointed by its generic blandness and formulaic approach...
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    Rep Dom Now Part of Axis of Evil?!?!

    could we be part of an "axis"??!?!??!? Dominican Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso labelled latest statements by former US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Otto Reich as imprudent. In a news conference in Miami, the ex US diplomat of Cuban origin asserted the...
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    Tordok .!!............and be dissappointed. :nervous: hey DR1 gang! ...My alter ego will be in the Coral Hamaca hotel of Boca Chica (please don't ask why there) Saturday evening February 12th. I'll pay 2 rounds of drinks to any verifiable DR1er. Please PM before monday the 7th if interested...
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    Juanillo marina development

    I read an article about marinas in the newspaper but confused two places and ended up not making any sense at all. Sorry, but had to delete it entirely. No thread. - Tordok
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    the global impact of credit raters

    I recommend -for the DR1 folks interested in macroeconomics; the series published this week by the Washington Post regarding the enormous -and unregulated- role that the elite credit-rating companies (mainly Moody's and Standard & Poor's) play in the world economy. This referenced second...
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    religion in DR politics

    This topic may have been digested by DR1 oldtimers in past threads, - i apologize if that's the case - but please allow me to raise some questions concerning something that I admit to be very naive about. Traditionally the DR had been almost exclusively Roman Catholic for most of its colonial...
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    Rx meds from Canada to DR

    I need advice from anyone on DR1 with actual knowledge about this: I would like to directly buy prescribed medications in Canada in steady supply for use in the DR. Some medications are not available in the Dominican market, and they can be much cheaper in Canada than in the U.S. Is anyone...