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    Newbies from the DR with old male spouse

    Hi everyone; Just thought I'd try to bring all of you up to date after leaving the dR and moving myself and my family to the States. Margarita andI got married in February, 2004, moved her three boys in with us and I started adoption proceedings right away. Took three years for everything to go...
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    Immigrant processing time at airport stateside

    I knowthis may sound silly, but does anyone have any idea how long it takes for an incoming immigrant to be processed through the system upon arrival at the POE airport? We, my wife and children, will be immigrating to the states in very short order since we have just received the final...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL

    I'm late as always withthis, but at myage I'm due a little procrastination. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE from Texas Bill, Margarita, Arismendi, Robin and Yeferson Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR
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    Having a problem recovering my deposit

    We are having a problem recovering our rent deposit from the brother of the house owner who lives in the States. We vacated the house in August andadvised thebrother that he could reduce our deposit by the amount of the rent that was due. He agreed, as did the owner. It has now been 2 months...
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    Turning CO2 into usable fuel

    The process described in the article below is very interesting. I'm no chemist, but it seems to be yet another way to not only eliminate the CO2 toxification of our atmosphere, but a way of creating NEW CLEANER FUELS for use on the highways, etc. and eliminate the carbon footprint left by many...
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    The Cost of moving Household goods to the States

    Hi all; I have just had a very rude awakening. I had NO IDEA that the cost of moving our household goods, door to door,(transportation ONLY) would be so prohibitive. I just received a quote from afirm in Santo Domingo for doing that. I thought maybe a "typo" had been made, but upon looking...
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    What is the direction of the JCE???

    I need to get a copy of all the pages of theAdoption proceedings fro theadoption of my three boys from the JCE, have them CERTIFIED and LEGALIZED, but don't know where the darn office is located in Santo domingo. Can ANYONE tell me how to get there or the direction so I can give that to a cab...
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    I just picked up this ALERT from Dominicantoday. It seems that ORANGE customers area being targeted by a source in England which, through a 10 minute recording, offers an EU10,000 or an US$10000 "gift/bonus/whatever". The recipients phone is debited for the call andthat could cost a bunch. Just...
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    Whenwill EGA Haina Generator Plant be "up to snuff"

    I noticed in today's El Caribe/El Dinero section a graph that gave the production capabilities versus the actual production. Don't know if that was for today or when. The main reason for bringing this up is that thegraph listed EGE Haina as having a 45.72% production rate and that EGE Itabo had...
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    Location of DR1 Members as of 1 July, 2008

    Just copy and add your name and location. Santiago Texas Bill & Family
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    Is the Gov't letting the Peso Float? Or is the market catching up?

    Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that the Peso vs the Dollar is inching down/up (??). A couple of weeksago the rate was around 33/1. Checking today, on FX Converter, I just noticed the rate is 35/1. Could it be that the Central Bank's manipulation is slipping into a negative mode, or, are...
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    Manzaillo Rock Ash Deposit

    Hi Folks; An item dear to my heart is the contamination of the environs around Manzanillo (Pepillo Salcedo) by the rock ash deposited there a couple of yeaars ago and the elimination of same by the guv'mt and which they got paid to do from the proceeds of the lawsuit filed in the States. It...
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    Does anyone know of a shipping line---

    I am looking for a shipping line (ie, Tramp steamer, or other type) that accepts passengers and cargo (household goods)from Santo Domingo, Manzanillo or Puerto Plata with destinations in miami, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, Coastal ports in Alabama, Louisana and/orTexas. I'm looking for...
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    Passports for Adopted Dominican Children by US Citizens

    HELP! HELP! HELP! Does anyone have a complete list of the form numbers and the accompanying documents necessary for the application by a US Citizen to get passports for adopted Dominican children. I know this is possibly an asinine question, but I have searched high and low for such with no...
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    A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone on DR1

    Don't know if Roert will allow this or not, but I want to extend to all my friends on DR1 a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Texas Bill Billy Adams & Family
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    Problem with adoption of wife's boys

    Sr. Guzman; It has been 3 years since the original application to adopt my wife's children and the"process is not yet completed. At last report, thejudge here in Santiago had signed the order and it is reported to now be in thehand of the"Junta" in Santo Domingo. Just what is the role of this...
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    Need some help with TriCare For Life Claims

    Sometime in the past I was complaining abou this subject and was contacted by a retired individual. I don't recall his name or handle. If he is still around, I'd sure appreciate his contacting me by email and/or PM. I'm having trouble filing a claim for medications. Anyone familiar with this...
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    The Purchase of Administrative Posts !!

    According to the News Report on DR1 today, the Mayoral positions of several municipalities have been on an OPEN BID for filling those positions. Is this an expression of the DEMOCRACY this country is SUPPOSED to operate under?? Good Lord, Deliver me from Dominican Democracy. This is FUEDALISM...
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    The Electricity Bill!!!

    Sr. Guzman; I have just received my latest electricity usage bill wherein the entire usage was charged at the highest rate contrary to the published graduated scale rate. My question: Is it not illegal for EdNorte to bill for electricity contrary to their published graduated scale, and if so...
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    Thoughts for an "ExPats Club" in Santiago--

    Would it be feasible? Would the traffic support such an establishment? Would it require a "subscription" base? How much floor space would be required? How would we go about forming one? Been thinking about this for some time as a place where "visitors" could gather, have a beer or two, a...