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    The Longest Day

    here is a time table for the DR Check it out
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    Postal code map for the city

    Thanks guys this helps a lot!!!
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    Postal code map for the city

    Does anyone know of a actual zip code map for the Santo Domingo area
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    The Rent is too Damn High

    Businesses don't cause inflation. Government rapidly inflating the volume of money in circulation is the real cause. Saying businesses raising prices is the cause of inflation is a very old trope of the socialists!!!! That is a fact!!!
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    Comet ?

    Malko, That's the comet Leonard.
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    BYD Electric cars in the DR?

    Windy. BYD cars are available in DR just look on Supercaros. The Tang model is a good one
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    Nan, There is a income tax in La Republica Dominicana!!!
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    Shaving Choices

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    Haitians at USA/Mexico border

    USA Doc, Of the 15,000 Haitians at the Del Rio border station, 12,000 were released into the USA!
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Ecoman1949, The Epoch Times is just as reliable as the new york times or the washington post. Yes I didn't capitalize their names as they don't deserve the recognition
  11. I, Dr Georgiy Brusovanik

    I agree with HS10. Read that book by Dr. Sarno and his other book NO MORE BACK PAIN. It saved me from years of trouble. I am a believer!!!
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    2021 Hurricane Season

    Check out the Plaza de Espana Doesn't look to bad here in Santo Domingo. Just now the feed went down!
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    Looking for a quiet living area in Sto Dgo

    There Are lots of apts and airb&bs in my neighborhood Bella Vista, My street Calle Helios, very quiet!!!
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    5G Networks

    The small purple dot on the Altice coverage map is their corporate offices across the street from the Downtown Center in Bella Vista. It is a demonstration site for them. Other then that no service no where no how.
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    Danilo Feliz et al

    Any new updates regarding Lindsay's husband the murderer?
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    Is it just me or are you nervous about taking the chinese vaccine

    Olly, Did the whole team get the shot or just you?:)
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    Food places

    La Dolcerie, Rafael Augusto Sanchez #20. great menu, service and prices
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    Food places

    Loretta Cafe Bistro, Calle Victor Garrido Puello 16 is a really nice place with a diverse menu
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    Ferry service resumed between San Juan and Santo Domingo
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    Ferry service resumed between San Juan and Santo Domingo

    Lots to do. Live band, drawings for prizes. eat all night, great breakfast buffet. It's just fun! We danced til 1:00 am.