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  1. JimmyGibbon

    US Exchange Rate

    54.25 at Janet's in Cabarete on Monday March 7, 2022.
  2. JimmyGibbon

    US Exchange Rate

    53.5 at Janet's in Cabarete on Saturday February 26, 2022
  3. JimmyGibbon

    When will DR open for International travel??????
  4. JimmyGibbon

    Mom CB has passed RIP

    I am so very sorry for your loss, Cobraboy.
  5. JimmyGibbon

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Hi Nickdr, We are also scheduled on American Airlines on May 7, POP to MIA to Chicago. Our original flight was for April 30th, and like you, we received no notification whatsoever that it was cancelled. It was only when I checked our reservation online that I noticed that the POP to MIA...
  6. JimmyGibbon

    Happening now in Puerto Plata

  7. JimmyGibbon

    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Airlines are now required to provide refunds:
  8. JimmyGibbon

    Air Canada from the USA

    Just wanted to post some flight info on Air Canada. My husband and I live in Milwaukee and spend 6 months per year in Cabarete. Flying there is usually a challenge and involves flying out of Chicago and usually flying to Santiago. If we want to fly to Puerto Plata, it usually involves a 20...
  9. JimmyGibbon

    Buying Beer by the Case

    Hello to all, Is there a place in the Cabarete area where one can buy beer by the case at a discount? I notice most places basically sell them by the "each" with really no price difference for buying larger quantities. Thank you kindly for your suggestions. Jimmy
  10. JimmyGibbon

    Packer Lions Game Today 11-18-2012

    Hi Everybody, Does anyone happen to know what time the Packers Lions game is on today. Just arrived here this morning and I must see football, lol. Thank you in advance for your help. Jimmy
  11. JimmyGibbon

    Anyone Familiar with Seawinds or Beach Palace Condos in Cabarete?

    Hi everybody, Is anyone familiar with Seawinds and Beach Palace condos in Cabarete. I have narrowed down my selections to these two units and wonder if anyone can give an opinion. They both have great oceanfront balconies and are both virtually the same price. I am most interested in having...
  12. JimmyGibbon

    Help from Seasoned Travelers Please

    Hello everyone, I am trying to book a flight to POP from Milwaukee for my upcoming stay at Beach Palace in Cabarete 11-1712 to 12-1-12. I'm having a gosh darn terrible time coming up with flights of less than 20 hours duration and less than 850.00. It seems as though one now needs to allot 24...
  13. JimmyGibbon

    Andy Graham of Hobo Traveler Robbed and Beaten in Luperon Yesterday

    I am sorry to report that Andy Graham, of was robbed and beaten in Luperon yesterday. Andy Lee Graham Travel Writer Attacked and Robbed in Luperon, Dominican Republic March 21, 2012