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    european passport for dominican child

    Hi everyone, here is my question? I have a child with a dominican girl. I had a "few problems" with her after the child was born. I'm very happy to have this little cute boy BTW. Because I had so many problems with her I went to court to get custody of the child. Which I got... Now I want to...
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    los amigos - sosua

    Hi Anyone knows about a place named Los Amigos, seems to be a small hotel close to Cestur? I d like to know what kind of place it is? :)
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    Residency expiration - delay

    Hi everyone, my residency expires 29the of decembre which is in a few days Must I renovate before expiration or can I wait until beginning of january which would be more convenient for me...
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    renewal cedula - insurance commercial de seguro

    Hi I heard its now possible to get that insurance from a truck right outside the DGM Is this right?
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    Taxi from migracion office to aeropuerto SD

    Hi everyone, how much is it for taxi from migracion office to aeropuerto Las Americas :)
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    child support when abroad

    Hola Im french, posting for a french friend who does not speak english Here is the story. He lives half time in DR and France. He s got a dominican girl friend for 3 years. He sends her money when he is abroad. When he got back here after 6 months, he met his GF and she said she got pregnant...
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    German guy killed in jail

    Anyone heard about a german guy killed in jail in SD. He obviously was in jail because he refused to pay his rent or something similar. Anyone has more info about this???
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    Buying a house with a dominican girl

    About this subject we hear everything and its contrary. So what does EXACTLY say the dominican law when : . a foreigner buys a property here and puts it under his name . he lives full time with his dominican girlfriend. They are NOT MARRIED. What happens if one day they separate? What is the...
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    "purified" water in botellons

    Water in big botellons, 35 pesos to 50, fine fine fine Only problem, just try to analyse the acidity... You ll find out it s very acid... I guess its the result of the "cleaning" process... Acid water is quite dangerous. So 3 years ago I quited drinking that water and I drink from the well...
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    Orange private number

    Hi evryone, I get quite often phone calls on my cell phone which are from a private number. This is really disturbing me. I have an orange number. How could I know who is calling with that private number? :)
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    Relocating La Ciennega (cabarete)

    Hi anyone here living in La Ciennega? How is it for a foreigner in terms of safety, tranquility... :)
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    How to wire Swiss Francs to DR

    Hi everyone, I know its not possible to open an account in swiss francs in this beautifull country... But is it a way to get swiss francs sent from Switzerland over here? :)
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    Buying a house with dominican girl

    Hi everyone, This is my question and situation I am Belgian, live in Sosua for 4 years, renting apartment. I have a little boy with a Dominican girl. We live together. We are not married At the moment, everything is quite ok ( quite because you know dominicanas... :) ) I might think about...
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    fruits and vegs producer around Santiago - La Vega - Costanza...

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a farmer, fruits / vegs producer around Santiago You can PM :)
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    earliest bus to go from Sosua (Charamicos) to Santiago ?

    Hi everyone, whats the earliest bus to go from Sosua (Charamicos) to Santiago ? And what time does it get to Santiago? I should get there around 5am?
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    gathering service

    Hola a friend of mine is looking for a gathering service to invite friends to his new apartment He lives in Sosua... :)
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    Nagua to Higuey

    Hi everyone Is it possible to go from Nagua to Higuey by car? Whats the best way? How are the roads? :)
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    dune buggies, streets legal?

    Hi everyone Im planning to buy a dune buggy to drive on the streets How can I get it legal, with matricula, insurance? What are the process and costs :)
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    to migracion office with metro (underground, not the bus)

    Hola, tomorrow, I go to SD to the migracion office I dont want to be stuck again in traffic with taxi Ill be on Caribe tours bus What would be the closest metro station to jump down from the bus to go the Heroes stuff? BTW, there is a bus leaving a 5.20 am from Charamicos right? :)
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    Name of the director of Migration office

    Hi everyone, I ll go monday or tuesday to SD to renew cedula and residency for the third time. I do it myself Just I want to check the name of director of Migration office His name is MAYOR. GRAL (E.R.D) RUB?N DAR?O PAULINO SEM DIRECTOR GENERAL Is this correct? BTW feliz navidad and happy NYear