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    Pool owners: how much water do you need to add daily/weekly ?

    On average, you'll lose ¼ inch a day to evaporation. If you have a constant breeze, such as beach front on the North Coast, it can be as much as ½ inch a day.
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    Dr. Bob, RIP

    It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Dr. Bob has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with all our loved fur babies who have passed earlier. RIP Bob. You will truly be missed.
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    Sosua power problems

    Today, Wednesday, 29/11. Beware if you’re connected to the CDE “grid” that the voltage is spiking up and down, between 65 volts and 180 on lines that should be 120 volts. This will kill your electronics if you don’t UNPLUG THEM. CDE says they’re aware of the problem.
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    Sosúa loses an icon.

    Herman Strauus, a businessman and leader in the community passed Monday afternoon.
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    The sad story of Dr. Linares (Sosua)

    Make sure to read the second paragraph; Based on testimony of wife’s friend. Approximately one week ago, Dr. Linares (also known as the US doctor across from Supermarket Pola in Sosua) was paid a visit by an angry Dominican woman in his clinic. During an argument she proceeded to hit the...
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    New Floods in Sosua Sunday Night

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    Lars Schiedewitz has passed

    Lars passed away at 5:00PM, Friday, at CMC in Sos?a, from a massive heart attack. Lars was 34 years old, grew up in Sos?a and had worked at several companies in the Sos?a and Cabarete area besides working for himself in recent years. I don?t have any other information at this time.
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    Kite Beach death yesterday?

    Does anyone have information about the death at Kite Beach yesterday, Wednesday 4/11?
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    Real Lemons at Playero Thur, 3/9/15

    Playero has loads of real lemons. (the yellow kind if you forgot)
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    Huge strike/ huelga in Gaspar Hernandez today Tursday

    It seems that the local syndicato is upset because the government won?t let them steal sand off the beach or from the Yassica River. The main road is blocked in both directions.
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    Super Pola Sosua is open

    I went to the opening this morning, Wednesday, and have to admit, I wasn?t impressed. They are lacking imported brands of items such as Tropicana O.J, Presidente butter, Velveeta just to name a few.
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    Favorito in Sos?a has closed

    Today, Wednesday, employees came to work to find the doors padlocked. After closing off the back half of the store several weeks ago and having the power cut, along with declining numbers of customers, it was inevitable.
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    Beware of Coastal in Sosua

    Yesterday, Thursday, I stopped for diesel at the Sosua Coastal, as I was low, but the warning light wasn?t on. I filled with diesel and when finished, the pump registered 18.6 gallons. The only problem is that the book for my pick-up says the capacity is 17 gallons when empty. I was over charged...
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    Bales of hay/ Paca

    Does anyone know where we can purchase bales of hay/ Paca by the truck load and the pricing.
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    Favorito - - formally City Market, is open

    Unfortunately even though they are open, the shelves are empty. This must be a soft, very soft opening. The coffee shop isn?t open and they don?t even have bread or rolls. This is not the way to start a business.
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    Ferreteria Bellon fire

    Does anyone have pictures of the fire?
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    Is this the beginning of the end for Cabarete

    The following comes from: Sosua News & Periodico El Neuvo Norte Josefina Convents (originally from Belgium) is a real-estate entrepreneur and has been investing in various projects in and around Cabarete for the past 16 years. She also invests considerable sums in various development projects...
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    Gaspar Hern?ndez sand removal

    Here is information on the on going problem of sand being taken from the beaches in Gaspar Hern?ndez. In October, a letter of complaint was delivered to the Secretary of the Environment, Jaime David, in the capital. His department rejected the application by the Sindicato (trucker?s union) for...
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    Your support is needed now!

    Las Canas Neighbors, Friends & Clients: I was just informed by one of the people working on the sand truck problem that the Sindicato's (Trucker's Union) permit to take sand from Las Canas expired yesterday. There is a meeting tomorrow morning in Santo Domingo to attempt to prevent the renewal...