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    Power outages; but Dangg

    In Zona Colonial there has been more than the normal power outages. At least twice a week for 6-7 hours. Does anyone know if this is due to power lines being installed underground? I read it suppose to happen but I haven't seen it. Are other sectors having the same issues?
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    Diesel Fuel suppliers

    Can anyone recommend a company that sells Gasol (diesel fuel for generators) to homes? Mainly one that would not required the purchase of 100 gallons to come out and fill the tank? Nearly every company I called told me that if its not 100 gallons they can not come out.
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    When looking Dominican goes wrong

    Today I went to my favorite store, Almacenes Unidos to buy a vegetable spiral cutter and some other things. I grab a basket and started looking for the item. You would think it would be in the section with other kitchen items, but after a few mins of going up and down rows I asked a store...
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    911 Worked

    I live close to the Malecon and someone is always burning something there. Today the smell was strong and when I looked out my window I could see smoke. I wasn't worried about the fire but the smoke was starting to enter my place. I closed the windows and took a walk over. I could see the fire...
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    You can drink the water now

    The director of CAASD says you can. Who believes this?
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    Plants for the Brown Thumb

    Almost finished with my patio area and wanted advice on some plants, vines that would not take a lot of maintenance?  Thinking of hanging ferns, or some type of vine. Also need some plants that have color. What grows in this environment?
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    Ceiling Fans

     Looking for metal fans. The wood ones look nice but don't move the air enough. The main features would be: Anti Corrosion Remote control if available. Hate those big boxes on the wall Cost Reliability.  What are you guys history with ones that work?
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    Conjunctivitis Pink eye

    There seems to be an out break of this going around here in the Capital. Nearly everyone I'ved talked to lately has it or someone in their family has. I'm not shaking hands for while.
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    WIFI, Routers, Concrete Walls

    Those that live in a two or more level home, are you able to get a good wifi signal throughout your home? If so, what did you do to achieve this?  Did you buy your own modem or router? Did you set up access points? Did you buy one of the wifi-mesh systems.  All this concrete and steel bars...
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    PEX water lines

    Has anyone here had experience with PEX water supply lines (installing or using them) Also what are alternatives to using blocks for interior walls? I know drywall, but do they hold up in a high humidity environment? I mean would it require more maintenance than a block wall. 
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    Running multiple Air-conditioning units

    I've always been under the impression that it is more energy efficient to run your heating or cooling system all day instead of turning it off. For those that use multiple split systems or central AC  do you leave it on all day, and at what temperature setting?  I'm not talking about extremes...
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    What happen to the Concert?

    Does anyone know why there wasn't the big NYE concert last night*in Santo Domingo? The one that's held on the Malecon and Maximo Gomez. Was it the new Mayor's decision, same as the no Parque de Luz.*
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    Hot water in the Kitchen

    Do you have hot water in your kitchen coming out of the faucet or just one supply line, cold? If you do, what's the source, a traditional hot water tank or one of those small instant under the counter tankless heaters? How has it worked out, meaning, low maintenance?
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    Hospital Veterinario Arroyo Hondo

    Just want to pass on my experience with this 24 hr veterinary hospital. Last night my GF's dog had an allergic reaction to something. Around 11:00pm I looked at him rubbing his face against the floor violently. I thought he had something in his mouth, but when I turned him over his face was...
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    The Hippodrome

    Has anyone been to a horse race or concert here? I shot this short video the other day and was pleased to see how the grounds are still maintained. It's a little worn but still has a majestic feel to it. Sorry the video is mostly the grand stand, didn't check how much space I had on my SD...
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    Las chapiadoras de Danilo

    Came across this Facebook page. Don't know how much is real, hearsay, or fake. Still it's funny. I was going to put this in the clown bin, but wanted too see how many readers think this is true. Funny I came across this...
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    Black History month in DR?

    I don't know if this event was planned to be held last night because February is Black History month in the US, but it was still nice to have it during this time. The event was Remembering The Harlem Renaissance. It was a exhibition of imagery during that time and a concert performing some of...
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    Where's the originality?

    I was asking a friend what type of business is opening in the building in his neighborhood where there has been a lot of work lately. He told be that a bar/drink is opening. I laughed because on the next block is a Drink that has been there for a while. I asked why would someone open the same...
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    Duarte Day, Plaza Duarte

    A little something for Duarte Day. I've passed the Plaza Juan Pablo Duarte many times on 27th but never saw an entrance. Finally found the way in. It's a great plaza with an amphitheater. I had some great shots of the entire area, but forgot to hit record. Dumbass. Still I think it turned out...
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    Have me Residencia Inversion but still confused

    After a 6 months I finally have my residency card. The process could have been 2 months if I didn't have to wait for documents I thought I didn't need because they were not on the list of documents needed. What I'm confused about is when I turned all my documents in, the young lady who was...