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  1. 2020

    Do you have any experience buying a new car in the DR?

    Were thinking about buying a new Suzuki Jimny. Has anybody in this forum has had the experience of buying an actual new car from a franchised new car dealer? Please give me some tips and recommendations on what to do and not to do ....
  2. 2020

    NEW! - U.S. Airlines Announce New Routes To The Dominican Republic

    U.S Airlines Announce New Routes to the Dominican Republic. Including Samana non-stop! Courtesy of Travel OFF Path, by Trevor Kucheron Read it all here:
  3. 2020

    Car/quad registration and insurance

    I spoke to a Brit who lives Las Terrenas last month. He said that one can buy a vehicle in the DR (CAR or quad) and get it insured locally WITHOUT having a cedula. Residency is not required?
  4. 2020

    Silk Global internet provider feedback?

    After waiting 6 months for Claro to install the cable from the street to the front of our complex in Las Terrenas (about 20'), we now found out that there is a waiting list of over 100 people. (probably over 1000 truth be told) We won't go with Orange - we had that and it was a joke. Has...
  5. 2020

    any NEW rules for traveling w/small dog?

    Our Vet in the US said that there might have been new rules implemented with the DR government and/or airlines with traveling with a small dog. He said several countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, have made changes. The Vet is from Puerto Rico and sounded like he knew what he was talking about...
  6. 2020

    Scotia Bank vs. Banco Santa Cruz

    We will be closing our accounts with Banco Popular in Las Terrenas due to the teller theft we experienced several months ago. (previously posted in this forum) We plan on opening a new account at Scotia Bank or Banco Santa Cruz, both located in LT. Does anyone have actual first-hand experience...
  7. 2020

    TREX - decking available in the Dominican Republic?

    I know I'm probably being delusional, but has anyone heard of a company in the DR who has started importing TREX - composite decking? It is a wonderful alternative to wood. Never needs maintenance like sanding, staining, painting, long lasting, no termites, etc.
  8. 2020

    buying a NEW ATV/QUAD in the DR - experiences

    Does anyone out there have a recent experience buying a NEW ATV/QUAD in the Dominican Republic? (not a motorcycle) Though we live in Las Terrenas, I had the following questions: * Normally, what type of discount typically is offered on a $8000 - $10,000 new quad if it's in stock? * Are test...
  9. 2020

    60 meter rule in buying ocean front property?

    Can someone help me understand what the so called "60 meter rule" is when it comes to buying raw ocean front land? I never heard of it and know someone who is interested in buying... Keep in mind, buying oceanfront land means that you are buying direct access to the ocean without trespassing...
  10. 2020

    CHIEF OF BRANCH SECURITY at Banco Popular? (for all branches in the DR)

    We experienced a serious teller transgression and would like the contact information of the Chief of Security for all the Banco Popular's branches in the Dominican Republic.(not just Samana Peninsula) I will not go into details but it involves thousands of dollars. The Branch Manager at the...
  11. 2020

    Las Terrenas: knowledgeable quad mechanic?

    From Las Terrenas, the nearest authorized KYMCO dealer is in Sanchez. Does anyone know of an experienced and reliable ATV mechanic in Las Terrenas who knows how to work on KYMCO QUADS? Specifically, a 2013 MXU500. (w/carbs, not fuel injected):cool::cool:
  12. 2020

    Fly Fishing in areas around LT or Samana peninsula - Dominican Republic???

    Any insight on fly fishing in or around Las Terrenas or the Samana peninsula?
  13. 2020

    too good to be true? LONCIN - ATV's

    I stopped by and saw the new LONCIN ATV for sale in LT. It is Chinese built and the model # was LX250. I could not believe the price - $3,900 (2013 model year) Ok it was not a quad per-se since it's 2wd not 4wd, but the price is incredible and it looked rugged. I thought it looked perfect for...
  14. 2020

    flying to the DR with a dog onboard?

    Hi, Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of the latest DR entry requirements when we bring our dog this next trip to the DR? * What documentation should we bring? * Any vaccine requirements? * Does the paperwork we bring from our vet have to be translated in Spanish?:beard: Thanks so much!
  15. 2020

    can't buy a vacuum in the DR -

    We finally got our new home in Las Terrenas and as usual with any new construction, there is a lot of dust and debris scattered everywhere. Went down to the EMB store where the polite owner; Bertrand, said he had no vacuums to sell. (the website had not been updated to reflect this) Then we...
  16. 2020

    best plantings/shrubs for security?

    Any landscape experts out there? Besides planting Bougenvillas, does anyone know what type of native plantings - or shrubbery - works best in the DR to inhibit or thwart property intrusion? We have a walled area in the rear of our villa that could be susceptible to a robber climbing...
  17. 2020

    DR property insurance ? any recommendations?

    Has anyone had a good experience with a property insurance company based in the DR? We are thinking about insuring a home plus the contents? (if feasible and practical) What exclusions are there for damage? - wind damage? hurricanes? What was the approx cost per square meter and deductible...
  18. 2020

    Foreigners working in the DR without papers

    My wife knows of someone who is not a Dominican who said she has been selling real estate in the DR for years. Lives there full time...her employer knows, too. Apparently, no cedula or residency documentation. I thought that was insane...isn't that very risky? What are the consequences if she...
  19. 2020

    An American becoming a DR citizen - is your U.S. Social Security monies at risk?

    Permanent residents may apply for citizenship after 2 years as permanent residents...what happens if you are from the US? If an American becomes a legal DR citizen will you forfeit your future social security payments from the U.S. Social Security Administration at that point? Does anyone in...
  20. 2020

    AVERAGE real estate commission?

    We are looking into buying another property in the DR and was wondering what the average commission would be for a townhome (attached/ with HOA) with a sale price of $210,000? The developer wants to strike a deal since there would be no local real estate "salesperson*" involved. Our excellent...