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    has anybody taken an uber from sdq to punta cana? could you please tell me what the cost was? I don't even know if its possible.
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    american airlines

    starting june aa will fly clt to sdq with new flights
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    occidental punta cana

    can someone please tell me the nearest casino and how you would get there from this hotel? thanks
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    Edited personal details out. Look online, use the search function here. You have options.
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    Vista Sol

    can somebody please tell me the closest casino to this resort? how far away and about how much to get there? thank a lot
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    real estate agent!

    need English speaking real estate agent in santo domingo.I am going to sell my appt. in santo domingoon avenue mexico. thanks in advance.
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    I have a 3 bedroom apartment on ave. mexico 2 baths unfurnished4 th floor. for yhe past 20 plus years been renting to students from the university. can someone please give me an idea what I should be charging because the apartment just became available. thanks a lot george
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    could somebody please confirm that the casino at the Hamaca has reopened? thanks
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    sorry about the last post .I was having a hard time original question was going to be .I am staying at the be live canoa feb 9 -16 . what is the closest open casino for me to go to . and how long to get there. are thereany in bayahibe or la romana? thanks in advanceand sorry about the...
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    goingto be in boca chica feb. 4-21. can someone please tell me where to do laundry. also do they have drop off serviceand is it expensive thanks,george
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    new rubber roof

    need reputable person that does rubber roofing. this would be done in the capitolon ave. mexico ,am coming on sat and need to hire someone on monday thanks
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    help please

    am coming to sdq this sat.need to find someone who does roofing. my condo n eeds a new roof. please reliable and fair priced. thanks in advance. george also staying in boca chica anybody around?
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    carnival of the sea?

    thinking of flying in for the weekend to go to this. anybody else going to be there?
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    how about an update on the new building at the hamaca? also ill see you feb 3 george
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    us airways daily to sdq

    phl to sdq daily starting dec 17
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    steve g

    im coming to the hamaca on the 18th can you tell me if the new rooms at the new pool are being used also going to be there from 18 -25 oct. any meet and greet or anything happening in santo domingo or anyplace else george
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    hamaca construction

    could someone please give me an update on the construction and the time frame for completion. in there hamble opinion of course.
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    distance from lrm to coral canoa & taxi cost

    thanks in advance
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    is there a festival on the malecon this sun. 9/16?