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    EdeNorte North Coast Electricity outage & restoration announcements.

    Don't you have a main protection system or at least individual outlet protection? I've NOT seen any power surge at all.
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    First Sosua Cabarete Well Dug

    Again. We have not had ANY city water for.... over 5 years? We also see projects going in that will require mega huge amounts of water and electrical. This year we have had good rainfall and have not had to use our well and RO systems that much. Costs add up using them. Harvesting rain water...
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    WiFi Security Cameras for House in Sosúa

    Have 14 Nest for over 2 years. Can see and change settings on puter and phone, and wife can also. Several layers of settings. They do use alot of bandwidth so turn off most during awake day time.
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    Dolores needs a time out.

    As the topic says.
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    Need a good car mechanic Sosua forget Loky and German Garages

    Bernardo on the main road of Sosua just east of the Metro bus station. Have trusted him for over 15 years and yes, if he can't figure out the problem he takes our car to the dealer in Santiago.
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    Eye Exam In Sosua/POP Area We are here now. Wife needed a check up and a little laser clean up. I needed new frames. Wife and myself have both had cataract surgery here and other follow up procedures. We brought a worker to them and they saved his sight...
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    Drivers License renewal

    Sent you all info via other. You should be good to go.
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    Lawsuit against COORAPLATA for bad service!

    Could take 10 years as one of ours did over land boundaries. We won and even being paid... lawyers sucked up all the money. But we won and own our land. Different case. Years ago. Corraplata didn't provide water so we demanded they truck it in as stated in contract. They didn't si we...
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    No Water in Sosua We didn't pay near the asking price on these, bought 3 via Amazon almost 5 years ago. Usually run using our brackish well water about 8 hours a...
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    Dengue - It's back

    I wouldn't want the kids playing with ths. About 21 days for the LPG and southern attractant. You can see the manual if you search. Again, we had 2 of the early ones and very happy. Nothing else has come close so... spent the $$$ and glad we did.
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    Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

    25 years ago when first here, no traffic or parking problems. Had many Dominican friends that had 2 or 3 children that they now have 2 or 3 children. They all want to drive and have a piece of the cake. Do the math and find the answer to much cake do we have?
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    Dengue - It's back

    Just great! You want bids on something that you're not even around to deliver. 🤪
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    Seaweed is back

    Then become a public service. Pick it up.
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    Dengue - It's back

    Ok. 150.
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    Dengue - It's back

    Best outside due to co2. But really... it's the only trap that I've found that works.
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    No Water in Sosua

    Nope. All NEW HUGE one.
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    No Water in Sosua

    S.O.V. is building a huge water park. Should not be a concern since they have been a water use place for years.
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    No Water in Sosua

    This is when a drought started, massive water problems but new Jeeps and uniforms and they would not honor contracts and we left the (non) public system. No regrets and no water bills. We do more then fine without them.
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    Dengue - It's back

    I bid $100.00 U.S. cash. Will be in S.D. next week so you can deliver.
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    Dengue - It's back

    This is the catch basket after 2 weeks. Difficult to see but way more then I can count. Have not had a sucker on us for over a week.... not one.