22% of all pregnancies are to teenagers

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Laws are usually written such that below the legal age the child is incapable of consent, ie what they say does not matter.

18 for the DR is unrealistic.
If the schools would teach the destructive life altering impact on the mom of having kids early It might help.
I am not in the least opposed to the sex but vehemently opposed to the unnecessary pregnancy.
The DR has a complete ban on legal abortions other than saving the life of the mother.
Hello Catholic church, welcome home abortions on the kitchen table.
Birth control is readily available in the DR. Many older teens and young adults have the implant under the skin in their arm. Most of our teachers are young women and sexually active; the only ones that get pregnant are the ones that want to get pregnant. My wife talks to all the students , starting about grade five on the consequences of sex, unprotected sex...etc. Lots of the students have older siblings so they are aware of the birds and bees. Still lots of misinformation out there though.