36 Hours in Santo Domingo - NYTimes Article


Aug 29, 2005
I think they did a great job. I cant think of much I would change in the itinerary for the first time traveler, especially a New Yorker. I always recommend cafe El Conde for afternoon drinks, Meson d'Bari for excellent Dominican food, and Hermanos Villar for breakfast, lunch or snacks. The hotel choices make sense, again, especially for a NYer, Although I'm a bit surprised the NYT didn't mention the Hilton, Jaragua or Intercontinental on the Malecon...but it's kinda cool that they didn't. My only change might be to have dinner on Sat night at the Parque d' Espana/Atarazana...at Pate Palo or Museo de Jamon, etc...while watching a concert on the square....if there is one that night, obviously...but the cave restaurant and nightclub are great tourist attractions. I may also recommend the big indoor flea market (Mercadeo), for it's sheer craziness. And definitely more walking around in the CZ checking out the architecture and historical buildings.

Any city would be hard to see in 36 hours and I doubt many people would take a flight to do that, but I think the NYT gave a great itinerary for getting a good feel for SD and the non-beach resort side of the DR.


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Dec 9, 2002
A good itinerary - just the sort of things we recommend on DR1, so I wouldn't be surprised if he got some of those ideas right here.
I do think he got his musical genres wrong - unless things have changed drastically since my last visit, he would have heard son and salsa at El Sart?n rather than bachata.