Advice on car rental


lise ferland

Would like to know if anyone had any bad experience in renting a car in Puerto Plata, I hear there are a lot of problems with the local police who wants tips etc?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Muchas gracias, puede escribir en Espagnol

deborah K

Did rent a car, in the DR and had no problems with the police none at all but did have issues with the rental agency. First time I rented from a well recognized dealership. Got taken, my error, please make sure that you thoroughly check the car before you drive off of the lot. Stupid of me, since that happens here in Canda. But besides that no issues in renting a car.


I have always rented with National and had no problems.

The best part about is that everytime I go to the National office located in Las Americas highway they always have fresh coffee available and after a long flight, it makes a difference.


I travel to Santo Domingo often as my girlfriend lives there, and I often rent a car through Hertz on Ave Independencia with little problem. But look out for the police in green. They pulled me over for going through a red light, (yeah me and everybody else) Only thing was the electricity was out (for a change) and the lights weren't working. I explained I was a tourist and was lost. I showed him my map and asked for directions. Inside the map was a 100 peso note, he offered advice and told me to have a nice day. Problem solved.