Alfonso Paniagua & Casa de Campo


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
Alfonso Paniagua died on November 29, 2023.

Among the many things he did was suggest to Charles Bluhdorn to market Casa de Campo to Dominicans. At that time Casa de Campo was quite small and consisted of a few homes mostly friends of Bluhdorn. Charles Bluhdorn didn't think Dominicans could make much of a difference for the growth of Casa de Campo. Alfonso kept insisting to the Austrian born that worked at the Gulf+Western global headquarters in Manhattan, NY (owner of the Central Romana) and had a house in Ridgefield, Connecticut that more than focusing on foreigners the focus should be on Dominicans. Bluhdorn eventually gave in to Alfonso's persistence and left it to Alfonso the responsibility of promoting Casa de Campo to Dominicans. He didn't believe Alfonso would have much success in that endevour. Fast forward to today and around 60% of the properties in Casa de Campo are owned by Dominicans.



PS. Casa de Csmpo should consider renaming one of its internal roads or maybe renaming or adding to the name of Minitas beach that of Alfonso Paniagua. Casa de Campo wouldn't had been the same if it wasn't for the Dominicans and he was the one responsible for attracting them.