Antigen Test to Travel to Canada


Frequent Flyer
Jan 7, 2021
Thank you! Did the random selection cause much of a delay? Most flights are looking like a layover in YYZ is unavoidable so it may not matter.
From the time of landing, to clearing customs, collecting luggage, and completing PCR test (I had not pre-registered, so it took me almost 8 minutes to complete the registration for the test), I was out of the airport in 50 minutes.


Living my Dream
Apr 18, 2013
I did an at home test on Sunday as I felt like I had a cold. The test was positive so first thing Monday I went for a PCR test at the IMG hospital van in Bavaro. Tuesday morning my test was negative. I was really surprised.

I got another email Tuesday afternoon and it was positive. Both from the same swab. WTF. No explanation not a word. Good news is I can now enter Canada for 180 days with no additional tests. You really can't make this shit up. Only in the DR