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Oct 6, 2008
So as luck would have it within the space of 2 days both my MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4 needed repairs. Both are old models purchased abroad, no longer covered under warranty.

The MacBook Pro's fans had started making horrid screaming noises. The dvd drive and delete key no longer functioned (due to an accident with a cup of Choco Rico a year ago), and the battery was kaput a long time ago (but that's normal with old Mac laptops lol).

The PowerBook G4 wouldn't start up properly and when it did the cursor froze after 2 mintues.

Took them to the Apple Center in Plaza Paseo San Juan. That's the small plaza next to Plaza San Juan / supermarket Polo.
Their store is located next door but one to Noah restaurant - it's a bit hidden from certain angles.

Spoke to Cesar (Spanish owner, speaks fluent English). Dropped both laptops off on Monday noon. They were fixed and ready by Tuesday noon!!

PowerBook issue turned out to only be the power cable, metal sleeve at connection end was loose.

MacBook Pro was taken apart and cleaned. The Choco Rico had done a lot of damage and he was amazed it had lasted this long without problems. Whole interior was cleaned of choco rico. Fans just needed a good clean. Delete key was fixed. Dvd drive was beyond repair and removed (I don't use it). Battery was shagged and removed (I don't use it) to prevent it expanding further. 2 memory boards were replaced with 2nd hand ones in better condition.

Both machines now in perfect working order :)

Was advised in future will probably need a new logic board and top case (unreachable choco rico damaged heat sensor). Quotes given. Will also install if I buy from elsewhere.

Work completed in 24 hours. Total bill 1500rd.

My thanks to Chirimoya for the heads up on that one.

Apple Mac Center
Plaza Paseo San Juan
next to Noah restaurant.

Cesar Higueras
809 466 0037

Same company as apple center in Santo Domingo on Roberto Pastoriza/Tiradentes.


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Jan 2, 1999
Good to hear it all worked out.

Choco Rico will kill just about anything, plus I bet it smelt nice. hehehe

I dumped a glass of coke on my MacBook Pro keyboard about 3 months ago.
I pulled it out, cleaned it up
and it's still going strong.


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Oct 6, 2008
random hand spasms + drinks with no lids next to keyboard = $$$$$ ;-)

actually I spoke too soon, after 1 hours use the fans are making wizzing noises again. New fans needed me thinks.


Mar 29, 2010
1500 RD??? (like $38.00 U.S.) AWESOME! I have an older 24" iMac I'd love for them to go over. Graphics board dead or dying due to heat build up because of FAULTY DESIGN, with heat sinks and fans getting covered in dust over years of running 24/7. Anyway... if they can open it up, clean it up, and maybe replace graphics (if needed), would probably be well worth it. Now I just have to figure a way to mule it down there on my next visit in september. Hmmm... Wonder if it will fit in my carry on???