Automobile taxes w/Paquetazo.



What ever happened with the automobile taxes? Are used cars affected also? If so, how is it applied, when you get the matricula in your name? Thanks!

P.S.I was away from the access of my friend's computer after Christmas so I couldn't check on the board, so excuse me in advance if you had already posted this.


So far (it is still not a law) Import Tariffs on Cars wil be 20% plus a marginal (extra) tax rate of:

0% if valued at less than US$10,000 Dollars
15% if valued between US$10,001 - 12,000 Dollars,
30% if valued between US$12,001 - 14,000 Dollars,
45% if valued between US$14,001 - 20,000 Dollars,
60% if valued between US$20,001 - 32,000 Dollars,
80% if valued at more than US$32,000 Dollars.

Even though they were going to prohibit imports of cars more than 5 years old, this is being changed, but it is stillnot changed.


The new law now states that importation of vehicles more than 5 years old is prohibitted.

Thats crummy and I think violates W.T.O. agreements and I know of several dealers that are planning impugnate this part of the law.

But in the meantime, its in the law.