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Jan 7, 2016
Here they're called "Industrial buildings"
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Jan 16, 2009
Is MoJo back?
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This is for my wife and I...
We're considering a move to the DR in the future (no set timeline) and so are beginning to get familiar with all the necessary matters related to our doing so. We're nearing retirement age, but not considering a retired type of life as we're both still quite active and would like to continue working, which we think is actually good for maintaining good mental health. We also think that we should have a disposition of giving back to the local community we live in and working within it is one way to do so.
Although we are American citizens, we're actually both from the Caribbean (Haiti and Jamaica) but moved to the US many years ago. Because of this, we're pretty familiar with the climate and tropical Caribbean environment; and having lived in Miami for many years, we're also familiar with Latin American type culture (mostly Cuban-related, but also others as well). My wife has family in the DR that she's visited. I've also visited the DR, but that was over forty years ago. I went as part of a Jamaican swim team to compete in an international event. Shoot, I must have been 10 or 11 at the time... Time flies. If memory serves me correctly, I believe the pool we competed in was located at some kind of resort that was outside of Santo Domingo, but I could be wrong.
We're both active in sports... Mountain biking and hiking is what we do together. I raced mountain bikes many years ago. These days we just ride the trails for pleasure, and I have a workshop in which I help keep neighborhood bikes in good order. I also play squash and was happy to discover that there are courts and a squash association in the DR.
Professionally... My wife is a well-qualified, very experienced administrative assistant who has worked for small to medium multi-million dollar firms and is quite exceptional at her job... As well as being wonderful with people. Me, I'm a bit more reserved, but am also sociable. My professional background is in new product development/marketing/advertising, with a start-up business development lean.
We're both Christian believers and try to live our lives accordingly, but not religious. One of our considerations — after residency approval — is to work with a non-profit organization helping underprivileged youth.
Anyway, not sure how long this should be so I'll end here. I look forward to participating in the forums and hope to gain, and would appreciate, any thoughts and advice regarding moving to the DR.
Thanks for having us.