Be careful with Plan Hogar and free internet


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Feb 24, 2005
Verizon is offering free internet dial up for every custom that has Planes Hogar and the twice of minutes of your plan.

If you have Hogar 500 now you have 1,000 local free minutes per month and a free internet dial up account, but check what?s coming now.

The time of internet connection is not free and will be discount from your local minutes usage, If you use the internet for 1 month, 1 hr per day you will use only in internet 1,800 minutes. You only have 1000 free for the month. you overpass with 800 minutes that will be charged at 1.05 pesos, (840.00 pesos) that is only using 1hr per day, so now add to this mothly fees of the fixed service, time of conversations, long distance, cellular and taxes.

I think that this new service wont help to Dominican families and students to the connectivity as Verizon Said, the most of people that has planes hogar or control can?t not pay Vip plan because is too expensive and this new service as we say es un gancho mas.

Why they dont charge the internet minutes usage 0.11 cent per minute, if they really wants to help.

What you think?


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Jan 1, 2002
I think it is a shame Verizon can get away with such a shameful scam !

I just hope the medias will publicly tell the truth behind that major LIE !!!

It is a good illustration on how Verizon is out to rob the dominican folks !

I am using their internet flash, with the plan Hogar, because I basically don't use my landline, but I am scandalized at the "Free dial-up" scam, because most folks will believe it, and will end up paying more for their dial-up that what I pay for my flash !


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Dec 9, 2002
Could this be reported to Indotel, who supposedly exist to regulate the industry?


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Jan 2, 1999
It is a good illustration on how Verizon is out to rob the dominican folks !

Nobody screws Dominicans more than actual Dominicans.
Verizon here is predominantly run by Dominicans.

As Chri said.... If it's a huge scam the local media and Indotel will be all over this. Will it change anything, maybe not...


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Feb 24, 2005
Verizon made the announcement in an act where the president of the indotel was present. I know that was not as good as they said and I called to verizon customer service for more info, and when I asked about it they told me not the internet connection time is not free, is only the fees of the internet account that is free.