Beautiful Wedding and Reception in Sosua

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Mar 2, 2008
There was a beautiful wedding and reception last night, in Sosua!

Rick and Milka got MARRIED, and what a great time it was for everyone. Rocky's was closed for the entire day in preparation. Everything looked lovely in blue and white trim for the over 120 guests.

It was a perfect evening, and every aspect of the ceremony and the post-ceremony reception went perfectly. The bride was gorgeous, and the groom was smiling from ear to ear throughout the entire evening.

The guests included a wide variety of people, both Domincan and ex-pats. Milka's large extended family and friends from Gaspar Hernandez were in attendance, as were many well-known members from the ex-pat community, from in and around the Sosua area. It was an extremely interesting and engaging group, and we were all duly entertained, enthralled and enchanted by Rick's powerful and heart-felt singing.

The whole affair was thoughtfully organized and carried off without a hitch. The guests were appreciative and added much to the enthusiasm and excitement of the occasion. It was truly a night to remember for everyone there, especially for the bride and groom.
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Oct 26, 2004
Congrats to you both. May your new life together be filled with joy and happiness always.


Feb 27, 2006
Many congratulations to you both, Rick and Milka. So glad everything went well 'on the day' - may you enjoy a fabulous married life together.
Mar 2, 2008
In my original post, I failed to mention the quality of the food and catering service. I can can only say that the food, from "soup to nuts", was extremely well-prepared and presented. The entire catering service was beyond question one of the most profession I have ever witnessed.

The reason I think this is so important to mention is that my daughter is getting married next September in the US, and I am just beginning to understand how important the small details of a wedding truly are.

If my daughter's wedding goes as flawlessly as Rick and Milka's, I will be extremely happy, and somewhat surprised.


Oct 30, 2007
I would like to thank everyone who helped share our special day with us. We could not have done it right without all of your support. I would love to take credit for the wedding coming off without a hitch but I can't. Milka and her family arranged everything and wow, what a job they did. Rocky's has never looked so good. I was just told to be here at a certain time. Not a tough job at all. :)

We managed to feed and water over 120 people who attended and there was more than enough for everybody. I would like to personally thank a lot of people but I fear I would leave someone out and that would not be good so I will just say, "Thank you" to all who helped with our day either in a big way or a small way. You all know who you are.

I will say that the roast pig we got from Whirleybird and her husband was done to perfection and everyone just raved about how good it was. Great job as always Shirley.

Take care folks. Milka and I hope to see each and every one of you in Rocky's to share our lives with us.

See you all soon,

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Jul 23, 2008
you didnt have RIBS for dinner !?!?!?! what's sosua coming too !?!!?

but seriously... like i told you on the phone the day before.. i'm so glad you two have found the happiness you have, and im glad to hear everything was as wonderful as it was.

cheers to you both and here's to many years of happiness together my friend.

PLEASE someone tell me there is video of this singing that you speak of :)
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